Kidz in Sport Junior Sporting Directories

Over the last two years we have developed a new and unique platform to celebrate and encourage children's participation in our summer and winter national sports. The directories contain 100s of junior teams connected to the relevant sport and governing body. The teams are photographed free of charge by our team of professional photographers and displayed in the publication through picture galleries sectioned off into the relevant leagues or in the geographical areas they play in.

To complement these images we also include editorial on key issues affecting the sport, plus celebrity interviews and profiles, competitions, coaching tips, healthy eating and much more. Our aim is to provide comprehensive, informative but above all entertaining publications for children, parents and families, plus anyone connected with the sport, which will hold treasured memories to look back on in years to come.

Our model is simple: we make no charge for any club to be included in our directories. In fact if clubs choose to actively participate by selling the completed directory they can raise valuable funds for their club. We also donate 10-15pence to local charity from the sale of every issue. If the proposition is right, up to 25% of cover price of the directory will be invested back into the sport and local charity.

Below, are testimonials from two Cricket Development Officers that Kidz in Sport have worked closely with to produce successful and well received sports publications.

chris dirkin shropshire cricket
Chris Dirkin - Cricket Development Manager (Shropshire)

We first encountered Kidz in Sport - Shropshire in late 2008 where their Managing Director Brian Clarke provided us with a copy of their junior football directory. My initial response was it looked good but there, I thought, would be a lot of work for us as an organisation to do to provide team photographs individual photo graphs of players, interviews etc, with little to no return financially to us whilst they made money from our programmes.

After meeting with him and subsequently working with Kidz in Sport we have found them extremely good partners to work with as they are extremely conscientious in their work, they pay attention to detail and are forward thinking in terms of desired outcomes and future success. The model we have agreed to work with them on, helps us as a County Cricket Board, increase our publicity through directories, photo shoots and website browsers.

Kidz in Sport also provides professional support with the design of posters, flyers, newsletters and our own annual cricket directory. We now have a bank of event and match photos we can call upon them at any time to get access to these individual photos and team photos for press leases newsletters etc, both locally, regionally and nationally. Their junior cricket directory has team shots of the majority of junior club teams in Shropshire (this is still growing), fixtures, latest local cricket development news, women and girls sections and competition prizes.

We find them excellent to work with and we would recommend them to anyone who is looking to work along side them in cricket or in other sports or leisure organisations.

glynn harrhy herefordshire cricket
Glynn Harrhy - Cricket Development Officer (Herefordshire)

To me personally the whole principle of Kidz in Sport is perfect; the kudos of being in a book for the young player, the record of the teams for the clubs, the communication with the clubs within the whole County, the professionalism in which it lends to the subscription package is testament to the quality of the product.

The actual information within the book is excellent, and not in any way incidental. This is current, but at the same time can be revisited, many times. For Herefordshire Cricket; the chance to communicate with the clubs through a different media about varying topics such as Chance 2 Shine, NatWest Cricket Force and Coach Education is very valuable, to think that potentially we could be in most young players homes is exciting for the notoriety of both the clubs and Herefordshire Cricket.

The partnership between Kidz in Sport and Herefordshire Cricket has blossomed and other avenues of communication have been realised because of this. The support I received from the guys has been incredible, consulted on everything but not pestered, I cannot stress enough how much they have helped raise the profile of cricket within Herefordshire at a junior level.

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